Sonic Abrasion

by The Mother Machine

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We've been working on this album song by song, slowly building up to our full length album which has yet to be named. "Sonic Abrasion" is a compiling of demo versions of songs we have recorded so far. The fully finished album is set to come out in Fall.

We work every single day in a remote wasteland of human curiosity, tinkering away and creating new musical life, and visual stimulators, to be appreciated via eardrum and eyeball.

Because we think you are cute.
We want you to have it.
Take it.


released December 17, 2011

Written, Produced, Mixed, and Mastered by The Mother Machine



all rights reserved


The Mother Machine Orlando, Florida

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Track Name: Are You Afraid of the Dark?
We lose our shadows in the dark
Got no sense of who and what we are

Count my fingers, and count my toes
I'm counting on this night to come
Stumble over bricks and stones
The water rises and then it falls

We lose our manners in the dark
Got no sense of who and what we are
Track Name: Trembling
You make me tremble
Not just a little
Whenever you say I love you

Its the power of words, time and place
Oh Marie, Marie how do you make me feel this way

You make me shiver
You make me quiver
Whenever you're by my side
Darlin I
Can't help but tremble, whenever you say
I love you.
Track Name: Nasty Bitch
Nasty Bitch don't need no cause
up to my ankles in the swamp of your love
gonna turn the water black
spitting poisonous
ain't got no reason to be going off

she's a mean woman
she's her only love
she don't give a good god damn
about nobody else
better get her something fancy
better buy her something new
spending all my money
til I got nothing left for you
Track Name: Dreams In Technicolor
Close your eyes
say goodnight
and dream in vivid technicolor
come inside
I would like
to stay here until the winter
close my eyes
drifting into slumber
its nice when we can get together

lets be lovers til the morning comes
make me up from memory
keep the light off dear
go back to sleep.
Track Name: Digging
Man am I gon' dig my hole
digging up dirt for my final home
bleeding hands and a broken soul
digging up dirt and shoveling stones

Man am I gon' dig my grave
digging for a reason for me to be saved
bleeding hands and a broken stride
digging up dirt and set aside pride
Track Name: Flooded Apartment Blues
This apartment leaks and swells
its soaks my toes it moans and wails
you better call the doctor you better call the nurse
my little home it aches and hurts
patch it up soaked in sin burn it to the ground and start over again

open windows bring the breeze
stoke the fire under lock and key
you better burn to ashes better burn to dust
pile up the furniture
breathing smoke and drinking blood you call it chaos i call it love

paint our faces with the ash that remains
were gonna dance around and bring the rain
water come and wash it all away
see that sunrise brand new day

little darlin show your teeth
take a bite lick it clean
mass production movie scene
cut the suture and set it free
boiling blood making steam walk on fire to taste the pain

i got something that you need
skipping stones on gasoline
my surrender is my release
and my desire i need to feed
boiling blood making steam i'm on fire